Echo - the Bird Spirit

Meet Echo.
She is the spirit of late winter, thawing lakes covered in mist and dry straw that is just about to be reborn after long cold season. Echo lives among the nests of wild birds and looks after their eggs that are about to hatch as soon as the Spring comes. She has dry flowers in her ash blonde hair, and her dress is woven from dust-covered spider web. Her eyelashes are milky white because of dew that still freezes at dusk in March. As soon as it gets warm, and the birds no longer need her help, she will hibernate until next year's early Spring days.


Echo is a Basaak, my second Blythe clone. She has new hair reroot, changed eyechips, carved and open mouth. After I finished working on her I knew I totally love Basaaks. Their skin tone is lovely, and besides the eyechips being almost impossible to remove they are not so difficult to customize. Actually adopting a Basaak doll should make one feel benevolent as though they are sometimes rather neglected in the world of dolls.

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